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S A C R E D   V A L L E Y   O F   T H E   I N C A S   I N   M A R A S

Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru

South America | Peru | Cuzco

Photograph by Travel_Leap

”Peru is so much more than Machu Picchu and the bucket list items. The authentic beauty of this country lies in its immense landscapes, centenary traditions which are still very much alive and the vibrancy of the culture. We spent almost two weeks in Cusco and there had not been one day without a party in the streets…and we loved that! 

Between the massive mountains of the Urubamba River valley lays Peru’s Sacred Valley, one of the many remains of the great Inca Empire. The sights in the Sacred Valley are beautiful beyond description, with snow-capped peaks of the Andean Mountain punctuating the sky. Travelers making their way through the Sacred Valley will find the ruins of the cities left by the Inca. Not only the remains of homes and temples, but also huge farm terraces carved into the landscape. The Sacred Valley is steeped in a history as rich and colorful as the traditional clothing visitors will see worn throughout this region, knowledgeable guides are happy to share the stories and legends from times long past. At these high altitudes, be sure to sample the delicious Coca candy and drink the Coca leaf tea recommended by the locals to combat the dizzying heights.

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