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T H E   W O R L D   I S   Y O U R   O Y S T E R

Five Dates You Can Only Have with a Private Jet

Jet Set & Yachting | The Jet Set Lifestyle


Private Jet Dating: 
When it comes to impressive dating or creating a special day for your loved one, a bit of splurging is a must. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we decided to share our ultimate idea’s. All you need is a private jet.

Fly to an exclusive island
When flying private, the world is your playfield. Private jets have ten times more access to airports than commercial airplanes do. So when you’re thinking of ”alone time” a remote destination only you can get to should be on your agenda.

Lunch in one city, dinner in another
A fresh lunch at the pool with a beautiful view is one of the best ways to get in the mood for this romantic day. Warmer European destinations like the Canary Islands and Greece are not too far away from the next dinner destination. Fine dining is an understatement when it comes to Paris, the perfect place to dine in ultimate class. Then a desert at Laduree Paris? Whatever you choose the Eiffel tower will have its magical light show each hour to end your beautiful evening.


Flying private allows you to arrange one surprise after another. The plane filled with roses before your lover arrives, a dish with a little gift on it, and so on. Your date doesn’t even have to know where the flight is going until you land, just make sure you tell them what to pack or what to wear! Looking for an activity to start the night? Maybe a short flight to the Monte Carlo Casino! During the short flight, your lover will have enough time to put on your gifted party outfit.
Keep The Party Going 
Don’t want this day to end? Avoid the sunrise for as long as possible by flying to different sunsets or parties around the world, just make sure the destinations are not too far apart to avoid tiredness.

Skip the hotel
After a full day of fun and romance, your date does not have to come to an end. As lust starts to take over most people book a hotel. As nice as hotels can be, remember you have your own hotel in the sky! Bath her with roses and the mood is sure to be set.