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Most incredible hotel designs around the world

By Myranda Bolstad

For those travelers with artists’ eyes, finding interesting design doesn’t always have to mean leaving your accommodations. The following hotels feature interesting and unique designs that eschew any cookie cutter approach and, as such, are sure to delight your senses. These are some of the most incredible hotel designs around the world:

Jackalope Hotel (Mornington Peninsula, Australia)
Perhaps the most avant-garde of the hotel designs on this list, the Jackalope Hotel combines the industrial with the surreal. Despite being in sharp contrast to the idyllic vineyards that surround it, the striking silhouette of the hotel is not ill-fitting to the scenery, but rather simply sets it apart.

Grey and black dominate the interior, and this dark backdrop works to emphasize the art installations and feature furniture that was designed to set this boutique hotel apart. Guests need not worry that the bold walls make the hotel dismal; instead, reflective surfaces and creative light designs that differ by room give this location a futuristic vibe.

Amangiri Resort – Pool Area (Canyon Point, Utah, United States)
The Amangiri Resort’s incorporation of the natural landscape into the design of this luxury retreat is extremely cleverly done, the concrete stone in natural hues melding into the desert topography with ease.

The poolside is especially incredible, having been built into the surrounding rock formation. This bold escarpment both in and surrounding the pool make it a serene oasis for visitors.

The Ritz-Carlton Suite – Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong, China)
This exquisitely-decorated Victoria Harbour suite of rooms in the Ritz-Carlton is the perfect blend of tasteful and opulent. From the stretch of windows offering a 270° view of the city below to the dark, rich wall accents that complement the furnishing, extravagance is present in every corner.

This is especially evident in the dining area, where the golden glow from the chandelier is rivaled only by the city lights visible from the windows.

La Mamounia (Marrakech, Morocco)
Marrakech is a city of contrasts, and this is echoed in the chic yet distinctly traditional style of this palatial hotel. La Mamounia’s elaborate and stylish tile-work is exhibited throughout the hotel, the classic motifs lit beautifully by the equally-intricate glasswork of the lanterns throughout the space, both hung from the ceiling and at floor level.

La Mamounia’s famous pool is also exceptionally glamorous, with plush furnishing on which to lounge just beyond the opulent columns.

Plaza Athénée Hotel – Restaurant Alain Ducasse (Paris, France)
While dining in the restaurant in the Plaza Athénée hotel in Paris, the most stunning direction to look may be upwards. The whole restaurant has been designed to blend a sense of intimacy with the extraordinary, and nothing captures this feeling better than the carefully-chosen crystal chandeliers that glitter from above.

The polished of silver-backed seating multiples the sparkling, as the lights gleam in the reflection they offer. Gold-accented crown moldings, too, add flair and opulence to this room, helping to make every meal an experience.

Corinthia Hotel London –Crystal Moon Lounge and ESPA Life Spa (London, England)
For a taste of modern style amidst the classical architecture of the Corinthia Hotel in London, both the Crystal Moon Lounge and the ESPA Life Spa. In the lounge, the magnificent glass dome ceiling is topped only by the Full Moon crystal chandelier that adorns it.

Comfortable white furnishings are matched by the modern sculptures displayed throughout the lounge, with the mirrored walls suggesting an even more spacious lounge. This décor is echoed in the spa, where similar white furnishings and art is reflected in the glittering pool areas, all lending to the luxurious ambiance of the space.

Hotel Hotel (Canberra, Australia)
Occupying three floors of the Nishi residential building in Australia’s capital city, the eco-chic Hotel Hotel is a work of art from the architecture to the interior design. From the outside, you’ll be struck by the way the geometric shapes formed by the recycled timber and off-form concrete make this building stand out from the crowd.

Having used 50 different designers in the creation of the hotel, Hotel Hotel features a range of styles, yet a cohesive vision remains throughout. Particularly noteworthy is the hotel’s lobby, whose grand staircase and wall made from recycled timber make for an artistic installation enhanced by the play of natural light through the windows.

Fairmont Ray Juan Carlos I – B24 Restaurant (Barcelona, Spain)
The B24 Restaurant acts as the centerpiece of the Fairmont Ray Juan Carlos I’s spectacular atrium for good reason. Hundreds of lights hang over the bar and the restaurant seating, the glass shaped like drops, giving the impression of a modern art chandelier.

The light creates a shimmering, star-like glow that serves to highlight the Catalan-style grey tiles of the floor, the soft cream furnishings, and the burnished gold cushions. An elegant yet comfortable room for every repast, from breakfast to an evening nightcap.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam (Zaandam, Netherlands)

Designed to reflect the traditional houses of the Zaan region, the Inntel Hotels building is truly eye-catching. With its cheery, brightly-colored exterior made from the typical Dutch “herenhuis” fronts, the hotel is made to look like a series of cozy homes stacked to form this towering structure.

Those with an art history background might be especially drawn to the azure front featured on the top floor, which takes its inspiration from Claude Monet’s 1871 work in the Zaandam region.

Four Seasons Toronto Hotel Lobby (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Intricate mahogany panels greet guests arriving at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, creating a sense of serenity for guests before they even check in. An air of grandeur and sophistication is created by the 20-foot ceilings and polished wood of the walls.

The hotel is not without a sense of whimsy, however; there is a dandelion motif throughout the hotel, including in statement art made from wood to resemble this signature plant.

Aqua Dome Hotel (Langenfeld, Austria)
Designed to mimic the shapes of the mountains, the tapered and angled shapes of the architecture complement the surrounding scenery of the Aqua Dome Hotel. The outdoor pool area adds to the atmosphere: three bowl-shaped pools rise from the floor at different heights as though levitating, the conical glass structure in between like an iced tree that reflects the sun.

The use of wood and stone throughout the hotel lends an Alpine charm to the clean, crisp lines of the modern design.

Le Sirenuse Positano – Poolside Exterior (Positano, Italy)
The view from this Positano hotel is not the only thing that is breathtaking: the poolside exterior is a mixture of Italian charm that serves to accent the architecture of the hotel and the mosaic tile work.

The outdoor planting scheme of Le Sirenuse is also much loved for good reason. The comfortable deck chairs and ornamented steel fences are complemented by the lush planters and cheerful lemon trees, lending the area an especially a peaceful, garden-like atmosphere.

Cheval Blanc Randheli (Noonu Atoll, Maldives)
With the crisp clean lines of pristine pergolas next to thatched and timber roofs, the design of the Cheval Blanc Randheli’s outdoor areas is a contemporary spin on a relaxed island aesthetic.

Pops of yellow accent the crisp white of the structures, deckchair lounge cushions, and the natural sand next to cerulean waters. Lush but carefully-groomed greenery only adds to the relaxed yet elegant atmosphere.

Plaza Hotel New York – Grand Ballroom (New York City, United States)

The aptly-named Grand Ballroom in New York’s Plaza Hotel is not only spacious but impressive in terms of its design. With its high ceilings, gold ornamentation and Ionic columns, the neo-classical influence on the design makes for a spectacular venue.

The furnishings, too, take their cue from the grandiosity of this architectural movement, making this lavishly-decorated room the perfect setting for any luxury event.