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D I S A P P E A R I N G   A T   A N Y   M O M E N T

7 Destinations You Must See Before they Vanish

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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

disappearing destinations :
From melting icebergs in Antartica to the islands of the Maldives, don’t let some of the world’s most exotic sights slip away. Now more than ever, you’ll want to immerse yourself in these last wonders of the world, as many could disappear in your lifetime.

European Alps

The Alps are the top skiing destination in Europe. Unfortunately, this might not last very long. Observers have already started noticing differences in large parts sitting at a low altitude. Three percent of the Alpine glacial ice is melting away each year! If this goes on, the loss would change the supply of drinking and irrigation water, lead to more falling rocks, and damage a large part of the European ski industry. If you want to enjoy the beautiful sights, book your trip sooner rather than later. Scientists predict that, at this pace, the glaciers will be mostly gone by the year 2050. As a result, it could be at any given time that the Alps are shut down for public use for safety reasons and to protect and preserve the area for as long as possible.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a big UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s even so large it can be seen from outer space! Unfortunately increasing environmental problems like rising ocean temperatures and pollution have been damaging the largest coral reef in the world for years now. As ocean life is dying, mass coral bleaching keeps expanding.

Thankfully there has been a hopeful discovery: A large blue hole was found in the middle of a reef. While little is known about the hole, researching divers explored the hole diving 20 meters deep. They found healthy coral colonies despite extensive bleaching in the area. Still, all corals near the surface may completely bleach and die within a few years. Time is ticking for a last dive among the bright ecosystem. If you are interested, there are multiple organizations in need of volunteers to help preserve this natural wonder, a great way to enjoy the beauty and give back to the planet.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The sight of Mount Kilimanjaro is this bizarre contrast of a frozen mountaintop against the warm and rich climate on the African grounds of Tanzania. This is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Mount Everest is approximately 2,950 meters higher! But, just like any other sight on this list, the mountain is changing. This could be your last chance to witness the iced top as the snow is rapidly melting. Scientists predict you have only 10 years to witness the white cap!

If you are interested in climbing the mountain and reach the top, you will find a wooden box with an achievement book. Here, you can record your thoughts about your accomplishment, making you a part of the mountain’s history.

The Dead Sea

Your own natural wellness resort, this is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. A spectacle of bleached colors against red rock. It comes as no surprise there are no living organisms near this hypersaline lake in which you can’t sink, hens its name. But why is it vanishing then? Neighbor countries are drawing water from the river Jordan, the Dead Sea’s only water source. The lake has sunk more than 80 feet and has shrunk by a third over the last 40 years! At this pace, the lake will disappear within only 50 years!


Witness the fragile ecosystem of Antarctica before its too late! Threatened by the effects of global warming, Antarctica is losing sea ice and wildlife with it. You can take a cruise or guided shore excursions, where you can visit the scientific research station to learn about the efforts that are needed to be made to preserve this sight. You might be one of the last people on earth to witness Antarctica the way we recognize it.


The Maldives

The Maldives is the lowest-lying islands nation on earth. Many inhabitants live along the Maldives’ coasts, which are slowly disappearing into the ocean.  If sea levels continue to rise, this beautiful island nation will cease to exist.

French Vineyards

A beautiful sight: all those fields lined up in different directions, creating interesting patterns of greens and yellows, made by humans and has existed for centuries. It’s hard to take a bad photograph here. Losing the vineyards of France would be one of the biggest historic happenings of all time: almost every country in the world sells French wine and recommends it above all others. Better start stocking up! Grapes are hypersensitive to change, the increase in temperature is changing the taste of them, eliminating the production of a variety of grapes. When that happens, only a few type of grapes will co-exist, so a lot of famous wines will disappear, and their vineyards with them.

Want to know more about these places? With many of the mentioned sights, you can book a guiding tour. During the tour you will learn all about these marvels and how you can help preserve them or support research and programs.